Individual and institutional transformation for social justice



Janet Lee and Susan M. Shaw, Oregon State University


The ADVANCE Journal provides a forum for conversations about institutional transformation. An interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal, we provide an online, open access forum to publish peer-reviewed scholarship related to ADVANCE programs and outcomes.

The development of the ADVANCE Journal is funded through OREGON STATE ADVANCE, which is supported by the National Science Foundation’s ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Grant. The National Science Foundation ADVANCE program seeks to develop systemic approaches to increase the participation and advancement of women in academic STEM careers.

This material is based upon work supported by the Nationals Science Foundation under Cooperative Agreement HRD 1409171.

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Mauscript Types

The ADVANCE Journal invites manuscripts from a variety of qualitative, quantitative and mixed research methodologies that reflect the journal’s mission to create a forum for conversation about institutional transformations.

All manuscripts should speak to structural and institutional transformation, specifically addressing the intersections of gender and STEM fields with other forms of social difference. Manuscripts may or may not be the product of ADVANCE projects, but they must address the outcomes of ADVANCE (institutional transformation towards the representation and advancement of women in academic STEM careers; the development of innovative and sustainable ways to promote gender equity in the STEM academic workforce; and contribute to the research knowledge base about the intersections of gender and other social identities within STEM academic careers).

Each manuscript should be original and not under review elsewhere. Manuscripts types can include the following:

  • Scholarly Research Articles (Empirical, Theoretical, and/or Conceptual) 
  • Program Evaluation and/or Assessment Reports
  • Critical Review of Literature and Resources
  • Letters to the Editor/Article Responses from Readers

Review Process

Each manuscript, regardless of type, is first reviewed by the co-editors to determine its suitability for publication in ADVANCE Journal. If appropriate for the Journal, the editors will then send out the article for blind peer review.

Submission Fee

There is a submission fee of $10, which is a hosting fee to support the Scholastica platform.

Editorial Board

Jill Bystydzienski, Ohio State University
Hillary Egna, Oregon State University
Kelly Mack, Association of American Colleges & Universities
Melissa McCartney, Florida International University
Beth Mitchneck, University of Arizona
Idalia Ramos, University of Puerto Rico
Sue Rosser, Special Assistant to California State University Chancellor’s Office
Londa Schiebinger, Stanford University
Abby Stewart, University of Michigan
Adela de la Torre, University of California at Davis