Tiffany Garcia

Fisheries and Wildlife, College of Agricultural Sciences

In collaboration with the Fisheries and Wildlife Diversity Committee, Tiffany’s project is to improve equity and inclusion efforts within the department. Tiffany and the Diversity Committee administered a climate survey to assess the level of community awareness regarding issues of difference, power, and discrimination. Their analysis of the survey results will provide a better understanding of the climate and help to identify specific needs for development in equity and inclusivity. Tiffany’s work as a fellow will contribute to the shaping of departmental recruitment and mentoring policies to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in curriculum planning, professional development, and hiring and retention practices. 


Adriane Irwin

Pharmacy Practice, College of Pharmacy

Adriane’s fellowship project aims to enhance equity in advancement for women faculty in clinical positions. Data show that faculty in clinical positions, which constitute much of the growth for women in Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine, face a slower rate of promotion and decreased odds of achieving higher academic ranks than faculty without clinical responsibilities. By gathering and assessing data on the landscape for promotion of clinical faculty, Adriane’s work will shed light on disparities in advancement rates for women faculty. This project will help advance equity by developing guidelines for responsive promotion processes to address systemic barriers and facilitating the development of an environment that values the contributions of clinical faculty. 


Alix Gitelman

Statistics, College of Science

In order to support broader college-level equity and inclusion goals, Alix is engaged in developing faculty mentoring groups within the Statistics department. Fostering a sense of community and facilitating conversations among faculty of diverse backgrounds, these mentoring groups provide a forum for discussions about equity and inclusion in the department, the College of Science, the university, and STEM disciplines in general. This project builds on existing mentoring efforts and aims to develop more structured, intentional practices to support faculty at all ranks. 


Troy Hall

Forest Ecosystems & Society, College of Forestry

Troy’s fellowship focuses on developing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan for the College of Forestry. This project will be applied on many fronts, including the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, staff, and students; the development of inclusive teaching, research and educational activities; and the improvement of college culture and climate. Troy also strives to promote opportunities for the College of Forestry to engage with other units undertaking similar initiatives across the university.


Flaxen Conway

Marine Resource Management, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Flaxen’s project aims to create a more equitable academic environment for women and others from traditionally underrepresented groups in marine sciences. Targeting critical steps along the career “pipeline,” Flaxen is working to build sustainable mentoring practices that foster a climate of trust, inclusion, and support for women at all levels in marine science and technology. This project promotes community-building through networks of solidarity across difference, and encourages the sharing of information, resources, and strategies to overcome challenges and strengthen professional opportunities.