Dwaine Plaza is a Professor of Sociology in the School of Public Policy at Oregon State University. He has been at Oregon State University for sixteen years and teaches a wide slate of classes both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. His teaching includes: Race and Ethnic Relations, Globalization, Social Justice, Applied Research Methods, International study abroad, Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods. He has written extensively on the topic of Caribbean migration within the international diaspora. His publications focus on: return migration; remittance practices among Caribbeans; hybridity and segmented assimilation among second generation Caribbeans; migration and settlement experiences of Caribbeans; new internet communication technology (Skype, Facebook and Email) as transnational bridges for immigrants living in the Diaspora; Canadian immigration policy and its influence on flows of Caribbean people; sexuality and identity issues
 among the second generation, food and popular culture among Caribbeans, and elderly Caribbeans living in Great Britain and Canada. His current research looks at STEM issues as they apply to disadvantaged populations that includes people of color and women. He became involved with the ADVANCE grant  team because of his skills in research design and his passion for social justice and systemic discrimination.