Colin Cole, left, a Ph.D. student in education, talked with assistant professor Natchee Barnd
during the spring 2017 Social Justice Tour of Corvallis. (Photo: Theresa Hogue)

Each year assistant professor of Ethnic Studies, Natchee Barnd, invites ADVANCE Seminar participants to take a Social Justice Tour. ADVANCE graduate assistant Kali Furman and other students serve as tour guides leading participants to locations on campus and in Corvallis. The tour guides use storytelling to defamiliarize everyday spaces by exploring the stories of under-represented people whoes histories are lost or hidden. Natchee says that, “when we stop at the ‘great white founders’ house, I want to dig and find the story of the Siletz woman servant or maybe the wife or the daughter that did something different."

Terra Magazine highlights Barnd's work in the article Reclaiming Native Space. In addition to the social justice tours, the article features Barnd's new book Native Space: Indigenous Strategies to Unsettle Settler Colonialism (OSU Press, 2017). Rather than focus on the ways native spaces have been colonized, in Native Space Barnd explores the reclaimation of these spaces through personal narratives. Read the full story here.