lancet postcard

On Friday, February 8, 2019, The Lancet, a weekly, peer-reviewed general medical journal, one of the oldest and best known, published a special theme issue on women in science, medicine, and global health that included an article by OREGON STATE ADVANCE team members Susan M. Shaw, Michelle Bothwell, Kali Furman, Lisa Gaines, Deborah John, Cynthia Lopez, et al. "Advancing Women in Academic STEM: Encouraging Institutional Transformation through a Summer Seminar for Administrators and Faculty". To commemorate this special theme issue, Stanford WISE Ventures joined with the Stanford Medicine Office of Faculty Development and Diversity to host a WISE Research Roundtable with ADVANCE External Advisory Council Member, Dr. Sue V. Rosser. Watch the live stream of the event on YouTube: Launch Live stream. Well done ADVANCE Team and Dr. Rosser!