ADVANCE Seminar 

The ADVANCE Seminar is the core activity and innovation of OREGON STATE ADVANCE. Participants engage in personal reflection about their own location in relation to power and privilege, examine how their disciplines have been constructed in ways that reproduce hierarchy and dominance, explore structural inequities within the university, and imagine a transformed future. Seminar participants also develop a plan for action within their own areas of influence.


Faculty Fellows

The Faculty Fellowship program began in Fall 2016 and will be active over the following three academic years. The purpose of the one-year ADVANCE Faculty Fellowships is to support the work of tenure-line faculty to embed our commitments to equity, inclusion, and justice throughout the university. Examples of projects might include revising department/college policies regarding recruitment, enhancing mentoring programs, or modifying promotion and tenure practices.


Outreach and Engagement

OREGON STATE ADVANCE conducts outreach and engagement activities to raise awareness of equity, inclusion, and justice issues in academic disciplines, organizational units, and institutional systems, with a focus on women in STEM. Our key outreach and engagement activities are Annual Lectures, Sponsored Events, and Roadshows.