The creation of a committee to develop metrics and a means to collect data regarding the campus
climate was a result from recommendations that emerged from the Equity and Inclusion strategic
planning process (2013). This committee was composed of key administrators, faculty senate
membership, tenure-line faculty, professional faculty and research faculty (including the current
ADVANCE PI, Becky Warner). This assessment was essential to helping us establish a baseline for
future surveys (to be administered bi-annually) so that we can gauge our progress in maintaining a
respectful work environment that promotes success for all. The first Campus Climate Survey Report
(2014) can be found here.

After reviewing the results in the 2014 report, the OREGON STATE ADVANCE team worked with
Intuitional Research and Academic Affairs to add supplemental questions to the 2016 survey. These
questions were designed to target tenure-line employees in particular and to provide data relevant
to metrics that were of particular interest to OREGON STATE ADVANCE. In addition to climate-related
questions, we included a question to identify the academic home of faculty. This will allow us to
track STEM climate over time and compare changes in relation to faculty in other colleges. The 2016
Campus Climate Survey for Faculty and Staff can be found here. Note that questions 66 through 90
were those added by OREGON STATE ADVANCE. Details of the survey branching design and how various
demographic categories were collapsed are provided here.

The OREGON STATE ADVANCE internal evaluator conducted a preliminary analysis of the data. Response
rates of tenure-line faculty can be found here, and a comparison of 2014 and 2016 tenure-line
faculty data are provided here. Note that only survey questions that were repeated in both years
contribute data to these tables. Finally, three questions were analyzed by demographic categories.
In particular, Question1: “I would recommend my current department as an employer” was examined by
employee group, gender identity/expression, organizational affiliation, and ethnic or racial group.
Question 31: “In the past year I have experienced uncivil and/or disrespectful interactions within
my unit” was investigated by gender identity/expression and ethnic or racial group. Question 26:
“Sense of belonging during time worked at OSU” was analyzed by employee group, gender identity/expression, 
and ethnic or racial group. These data can be found here.