Catalyzing Equity and Inclusion: Provoking Institutional Transformation through the Application of a Social Justice Lens (PDF)

ADVANCE/GSE Program Workshop
May 2016

This poster introduces a lens that applies social change and systems of oppression theory to all aspects of transformation efforts presently underway as part of Oregon State University’s ADVANCE Institutional Transformation project.

Ruder, B., M.K. Bothwell, D. Plaza, D. and R. Warner. 2017. "It’s Just Locker Room Talk:" STEM Women Faculty Experiencing Institutional Betrayal through Micro-aggressions, Unrecognized, Invisible Labor, and Policies and Practices that have Differential Impact. In Cho, C.L., A.Steele and J.K. Corkett (eds.): Poison in the Watercooler: Exploring the Toxicity of Lateral and Micro-aggression in Multiple Contexts and Disciplines. PalgraveMcMillian, London.