Cohort 1A included participants in senior positions in the College of Agricultural Sciences, NW National Marine Renewable Energy Center, College of Education, Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences, School of Language, Culture, and Society, College of Science, Food Science and Technology, School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering, College of Engineering, and the Senior VP for Academic Affairs.
Training: Continue to use admin meetings for Difference, Power, and Discrimination program training, for example on microagressions
Position Descriptions: Add statement about diversity and inclusion, need to develop guidelines
Mentoring: Look at practices across college
Hiring: Continue to implement needing approval practices
Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering: Educate faculty on best practices
College of Engineering: Change position descriptions to bring in equity and inclusion
College of Engineering promotion and tenure: Integrate equity and inclusion into dossiers and evaluation 
Give "credit" for and encourage fostering of diversity work in teaching, service, research
Improve college climate towards enhanced collegiality and support of all personnel
Develop college mentoring plan for various personnel (all unclassified) with concerted attention to issues of fostering/supporting diversity
Re-envision metrics for teaching quality
Hiring: Spring term arrange all College search advocate training, potentially required for all potential search committee chairs
Position Description/diversity statement: Work with College of Agricultural Sciences to develop implementation guidelines
Change position descriptions
Promote Diversity and Inclusion in public/unit meeting
Discuss Diversity and Inclusion climate in units I direct
Develop diversity plan for College of Public Health
Ensure diverse applicant pool in all College of Agricultural Sciences searches
Develop a 'toolkit' for administrators for creating an equitable, inclusive, and just workplace
Develop a mentoring plan for our department that will be used for both recruitment and retention
Develop "rules of engagement" for the department
Improve signage in Withycombe and Weniger (my buildings) regarding where rooms are (including bathrooms)
Create Difference, Power, and Discrimination university learning outcome for all grad students
Require mentoring training for grad faculty 
Require sexual harassment training for all Graduate Teaching Assistants/Graduate Research Assistants/Graduate students
Train the trainers program for grad students
Training with an eye to co-facilitate future ADVANCE sessions 
New Provost Hire/Faculty of color social gathering 
Move OSU to secure Hispanic Serving Institution Status 
To meet Hispanic Serving Institution goals, join the Inter-University Program for Latino Research and Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities 
Provide Difference, Power, and Discrimination education for the leadership
Require evaluating of position descriptions during this academic year to include equity and inclusion activities 
Revamp the hiring process
Recruiting toolkit, make the ads more welcoming, place the ads more broadly, engage in proactive recruiting for women and minorities, expand the definition of diversity to be more inclusive
Diversify the leadership, hire a new Associate Dean this year 
Organize an annual half day retreat most probably tied into the annual department retreat dealing with 'equity and inclusion' 
Work within department to establish rotating 'professional allies' for marginalized groups 
Volunteer to participate in College of Agricultural Science activities dealing with equity and inclusion 
Work with College of Agricultural Science departments as requested to initiate and maintain equity and inclusion programs
Faculty 101: Non-discrimination, microagressions, role-play, case studies
Mentor junior Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering faculty on equity, diversity, and inclusion in dossiers, do in class, research, teaching/service
Content for offsite meeting: Transforming Engineering Culture to Advance Inclusion and Diversity 
Active recruitment of diverse candidate pool (women, underrepresented groups) include BI statements as part of application
Increase mentoring activities of new faculty and assoc. profs
Short workshops (3 hrs.) on most important aspects of equity, diversity and inclusion; code of conduct and non discrimination policy, microaggressions, climate and case scenarios for women, minorities, LGBTQ, and religion/culture
Larger workshops on mentoring both for mentors and mentees -- Kerry Ann Rockquemore mentoring network map
Cohort 2A included participants in senior positions in Finance and Administration, College of Education, University Relations and Marketing, Forest Ecosystems and Society, Statistics; Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering; Animal and Rangeland Sciences, Fisheries and Wildlife, School of Civil and Construction Engineering, and the Interim Provost.
Work with Provost's Council on strategy and action plan 
Engage Provost's Council in transformative experiences that helps leaders embody change
Local interruptions: Budget and fiscal planning staff awareness; Business, Finance, and Accounting council discussion
Inclusivity in policies, development, and communication, student engagement in tuition 
Data - resources for reports, accessibility and inclusivity of reports 
Develop a College-level ADVANCE advocate group that would meet regularly and be officially part of the process of programming and faculty development
Create and implement ongoing training communications, marketing and public affairs programs for all URM employees and Oregon State University communicators to support the university's inclusion, equity and social justice goals and strategies 
Revise curriculum for FES520 (College of Forestry research methods class) to include social justice concepts 
Provide learning materials about social justice to department faculty 
Provide (lead) workshop for faculty to revise their own curriculum  
At faculty meetings initiate conversations of the importance of equity, inclusion, social justice 
Form mentoring groups of 3 faculty (1 sr, 1 med, 1 jr) from diverse identities to continue conversations about inclusion, social justice as part of advancement
Faculty Partnership; one minority junior faculty partners with a senior faculty in achieving professional goals and experiencing success for both junior and senior faculty
I will talk with my department head on the need to provide social justice training to each new faculty member 
I will volunteer myself as a social justice awareness coordinator within my department 
Create a grad level Difference, Power, and Discrimination class to invite future STEAM leaders to unpack their own identities and implications for social privilege/oppression 
Anonymous 'pulse check' with staff to get feedback
Health and Human Rights Initiative proposal infusing Justice and Diversity into STEM
Redo standard assessment of teaching 
Develop one "introduction" slide that can be inserted into a faculty member's first lecture to introduce social equity and inclusiveness
Slide of expectations of faculty/class climate 
Some expectation of inclusion w/ communication professionals  
Similar to search advocate, why not Promotion and Tenure advocate 
Search Advocates named in College
Holistic graduate admissions 
Embedding social justice content in faculty mentoring model
Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering-specific ADVANCE activity 
Cohort 2B included participants in senior positions from Fisheries and Wildlife, Finance and Administration, School of Nuclear Science and Engineering, Biochem/Biophysics, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science, Oregon Climate Change Research Institute, Outreach and Engagement, Wood Science, Environmental and Molecular Toxicology, and the University's President. 
Develop a climate survey template and analytical framework to assess climate, culture, and empowerment within and between STEM departments at OSU 
Increase awareness of accessibility challenges (make it more real for all of us) and improve accessibility to Finance and Administration physical resources at OSU 
Increase the awareness of issues of Equal Opportunity and Access within Finance and Administration, focusing first on Student, Faculty and Staff-Facing Service Provider Groups 
Discuss diversity and inclusion definitions and actions with faculty, get everyone to think about their participation every year 
Update all position descriptions to include commitment to diversity and inclusion enhancement language and better reflect time spent making non-academic contributions to the department and university 
Take steps to equalize success among new grad students 
Diversity and privilege awareness training for all faculty (mandatory) 
Seminar series on issues of diversity in Fisheries and Wildlife 
Arrange additional training on implicit bias for all faculty during regular meetings 
Arrange trainings for faculty and staff related to providing reasonable accommodations, engaging in appropriate hiring practices and managing/supervising employees with disabilities 
Arrange for trainings of faculty on sexual harassment.  
Develop undergraduate and graduate-level seminar course on diverse voices in nuclear science and engineering 
Adopt aspirational target of 50% of external seminar speakers as women and > 2 of ~ 15 URM 
Explicitly give all Junior faculty priority to invite one speaker each year
Generate/maintain list of former seminar speakers as search consultants 
Establish ADVANCE faculty Networking Fund to enable qualifying Biochemistry and Biophysics junior faculty to attend meetings 
Develop graduate seminar to introduce and discuss how our biases affect our vision and work in science 
Promote research group discussion on bias and privilege 
Oregon Climate Change Research Institute lunch and learns on ADVANCE 
Service -- connect with Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center, Society For Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science, or the Black Graduate Student Association 
Marine Studies Initiative - perspectives on inclusion will be reflected in Center of Excellence Proposal 
Be an ally for ADVANCE colleagues 
Advance Inclusive excellence and social justice 
Determine appropriateness of current building names 
Public recognition of Native lands
Paid family and medical leave
Tenure and promotion evaluations consistent with position descriptions 
Position the OSU division of University Outreach and Engagement as a smaller, but replicated version of the ADVANCE grant conversations
Engage gay students in a discussion of how to redefine departmental environmental through identification of barriers/issues
Develop a Diversity and Inclusion vision, policy, and plan for College of Agricultural Sciences and College of Science; implement plan in Toxicology and Chemistry 
Cohort 2C was a special cohort of Assistant Professors that included participants from Education; Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering; School of Language, Culture, and Society; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Psychology; School of Public Policy; Physics; Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering; Forest Ecosystems and Society; Biochemistry, and Geosciences. 
Design and implement a 4-6 week Difference, Power, and Discrimination component of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering year long professional development course for first year grad students  
Design and implement a new course for Ethnic Studies: Power, Oppression, and STEM, that explores the relationship of inequality to the knowledge structures and social applications of STEM 
Create a new 4 credt Teaching of Psychology class for the School of Psychology graduate teaching assistants that includes information from the ADVANCE Seminar and about teaching diverse students 
Lead conversation with graduate students about equity and inclusion in physics 
Support group/gatherings for junior faculty 
Conduct departmental climate survey on diversity and inclusion  
University Relations and Marketing staff participated in a special ADVANCE seminar that was delivered over the course of several weeks in Winter and Spring of 2016. 
Targeted recruiting  
Hold meetings at cultural centers
Recruit PROMISE interns/more diverse interns 
Organize an equity film series 
Audit of inclusion in materials 
Develop system of connecting with, and learning from, student groups across campus
Develop a more inclusive and open communication environment among designers 
Create more inclusive style guides and content
Inclusive Hiring 
All University Relations and Marketing employees participate in ADVANCE 
Revamp social policy to include values about diversity 
Create/share diverse content 
Foster accepting community on social media 
Review/update/expand media lists 
Bring Punman to campus
Build relationships with cultural centers 
Change search process and position descriptions 
Work with staff on our attitudes and client services 
Have guest speakers for division and staff meetings 
Show understanding of inclusion, justice, by University Relations and Marketing staff  
University Relations and Marketing climate survey 
Become a search advocate 
Create a library of resources for everyone in University Relations and Marketing to access 
Conduct ADVANCE training for University Relations and Marketing staff and campus community 
Pay more attention to language used in performance evals and feedback of work 
Evaluate creative work with lens toward diversity, equity, and inclusion; be willing to challenge accepted norms in recruitment materials  
Create best practices for invitations and publicity 
Continued investment by all employees in commitment to diversity 
More diverse project teams 
Reinstitute new employee orientation 
Hiring: review position descriptions, recruitment from diverse groups, search advocates on committees, review interview process 
Evaluate physical space for accessibility and inclusiveness 
More critical of accessibility standards in web work
Cohort 3A included partcipants in senior positions from Agricultural Sciences; Animal Sciences, Biology; Environmental and Molecular Toxicology; Forestry; Forest Engineering, Resources, and Management; Institute for Natural Resources; Integrative Biology; Mathematics; Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering; Outreach and Engagement; School of Civil and Construction Engineering; and the Senior VP for Academic Affairs.

Develop equity and inclusion component of a faculty excellence initiative (FEI)

Develop action plans for the first two focus areas:  P&T process and PD
Establish ongoing mentoring pathways for tenure stream faculty 
Design Provost fellow program for providing leadership experience in Central admin
What are other places doing to manage commitments
Create proposed structure that could represent these values
Discuss with CoF leadership, check for alignment with strategic plan
Discuss with dept. faculty and solicit feedback from partners. Revise/repeat
Compare to other units/institutions, create implementation plan, seek approval

Develop diverse partnerships to inform positions, priorities and programs

Expand diverse partnerships in communities and across the state to inform positions, priorities and programs
Develop culturally relevant print and technology-driven resources and materials
Develop bilingual print and technology-driven resources and materials 
Recruit faculty and staff from historically underrepresented populations
Recruit faculty and staff who have worked effectively with historically underrepresented populations, diverse languages, and multicultural settings  
Increase program offerings for diverse audiences
Create an interactive map of services, programs, people and partnerships offered through the Division and the Extension Service
Fund strategic initiatives that equitably serve a broad diversity of learners, communitities and stakeholders
Align strategic actions with the Office of Institutional Diversity
Revitalize DCT Streering Committee
Evaluate Division Climate
Convene key conversations (module topics) Needs Assessment
Generate and invest in innovations 
Develop statewide (or regional) social justice tours [Kali note: this was an action plan item from Reed Cohort 2A
Recruitment and retention of a more diverse workforce
Position the Division of O & E as the statewide provider of an equity and diversity lens curriculum 
Create mentor/mentee relationships
Conduct PoP training for college P&T committees
Provide assistance to faculty on P&T dossiers for midterm reviews and actual promotions

Conduct Climate Survey

Digitize historic class photos in hallway and install an electronic kiosk
Enhance website inclusion of imagery, stories, and opportunities
Familiarize myself with deparmental mentoring programs
Familiarize myself with College new faculty orientation program
Confer with ADs in other colleges to brainstorm on mentoring programs and coordinate or springboard from their experiences to advance faculty success
Assess the value of existing mentoring programs to faculty
Develop options for future college faculty orientation and mentoring programs and seek input from Dept. Heads
Propose options for future mentoring program based on input from Dept. Heads
Begin implementation and ongoing cycle of assessment and revision
Discuss with campus leadership & admin
Discuss with faculty senate (F.S.) colleagues, e.g. EC, P&T committee, Fac. Econ. Welfare
Line up allies in F.S. for FS presentation and action item
Draft resolution for changes to PDs and P&T
Guidelines in Faculty handbook
Review the language at peer institutions and forge a framework
Review and propose updates to COE templates for position descriptions, annual performance reviews, P+T dossier assessment
Communicate rationale for change and proposed templates
Authorize new templates
Develop hiring proposal: justifications (EIJ, what would OSU look like?); goals, outcomes, integrate w/ Native American Educ Pathways/NIREEI proposals
Engage collaborators and special interest support
Present final proposal to Provost
Create welcoming environment in the department
Make commitment to EIJ central tenet of department culture
Ongoing education opportunities of faculty on EIJ
Diversity recruitment practices for grad students
Cohort 3B included participants in senior positons from Biochemistry and Biophysics; Biological and Ecological Engineering; Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering; Crop & Soil Science; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Horticulture; Mathematics; Oregon Sea Grant; School of Psychological Science; Veterinary Medicine; Admin-VP & Dean of Graduate School; and the Provost.

Update all position descriptions to include diversity statement

Develop strategies to document diversity activities consistent with the PD
Identify, incorporate diversity metrics into peer, student teaching evaluations
Review BEE PR material, website for responsiveness to diveristy issues
Include Assistant Professors as non-voting members on BEE P&T committee 
Introduce quarterly "listening sessions" for students
Assist faculty in keeping their work demands in balance with their personal lives by checking in with them and offer assistance in a casual format and/or in the periodic review of faculty (PROF) process
Increase vigilance to identify and assist students struggling to maintain adequate grades, fit into OSU, or have other difficulties. Assist these students by directing them to the appropriate resources 
Peer review of teaching will include review of the instructor/professor's effort to assist struggling students 
Define and implement data filters to eliminate noise in scores (low enrollment, low participation, online, etc.)
Define robust & unambiguous standards for excellence (bottom/top quartile, individual faculty progression merits) 
Mentor Junior Faculty (bootcamp on teaching expectations and P&T - training when scores drop below threshold) 
Mentor P&T Committees/School Heads
Work with campus community to promote policy
Change my position description to explicitly address my role as associate head for graduate programs and to include my commitment to the study and practice of equity, inclusion and justice 
Search Advocate training
Grad Handbook revisions - remove structural barriers, increase transparency
Focused and intentional recruitment of underrepresented minority (URM) students  
Develop a sustainable and valued DPD component in our graduate curriculum 
Assessment and reflection (student climate survey, other?)
Work toward a more broadly applicable and subscribed course(s) in DPD for STEM graduate students in ENGR?

Evaluate current tools used for documenting annual faculty productivity in the College of Science (COS)

Meet with COS Heads and Dean to gauge enthusiasm for the addition of equity, inclusion, diversity, and social justice initiatives as a metric for annual faculty evaluation
Determine the weighting of the new inclusivity, equity, and justice metric. Determine if it needs to be written into all current and/or future position descriptions
Gather faculty input on the new metric by listening to potential concerns, as well as faculty ideas on actions they can take to encourage greater inclusivity, equity, and justice 
Rollout newly modified evaluation form COS-wide
Pre-seminar survey
Pre-seminar reading on oppression and fragility 
Seminar part 1 & 2
Post seminar survey
Provide training, workshops, and opportunities for discussions on pertinent issues
Encourage all faculty/staff in the CVM to go through search advocate training; have a search advocate on every search committee
Increase transparency of promotion & tenure process
Give women and people from URMs increased opportunities for leadership training
Revise all position descriptions and FARs to document involvement in SJEI and diversity
Establish and charge an Empowering and Inclusive committee
Promote program transparency and buy-in
Equitable search and recruitment
Integration of OSG Empowering/Inclusive activiteis into broader Sea Grant Network
Seminar on inclusive programs in Graduate Education and increasing URM participation
Greater Cohort building for marginalized groups (SACNAS, MANNRS, NSBE, 1st Gen, Veterans, LBG, T populations)
Best practices for mentoring grad students who are 1st gen/URM
Grad DPD further exploration
Work with Provost and SVPAA on P&T Transparency

Develop process for peer mentoring of teaching

Offer workshops on active learning/course design
Develop policy for equitable consideration of eSET scores
Develop process of annual activity report
Evaluate how teaching efforts and success are considered in unit-level P&T
Consider formal policy for “mid-tenure” teaching leave